I am Krystal, wife, mother, photographer. I believe in love and kindness, beauty and strength. I believe in fighting for what you believe, chasing your dreams, and making memories. Creating a connection and building a relationship with my clients is something I truly love. I want to reveal a person's being and unveil a person's beauty, while capturing real moments and real memories along the way. Photographs are a way of feeling, of touching, and loving your memories all over again. I want to share with you, that it is one thing to take a picture, but another to create a piece of art. Photography can be an amazing and powerful thing. What I capture on my camera, I capture forever; photographs remember the little things even after you have forgotten it all.

My photography journey started a little different than most. A year after graduating high school, I spent 2 years modeling for other aspiring photographers looking to build their portfolios. During this time, I watched and learned the photographer's process and their vision for their art. I also started developing my own style of photography and vision for imagery. My dear husband recognized my love for photography and purchased my first DSLR camera. From that day on, I have strived to further my knowledge of photography through education and studying, working to practice my art to produce the level of images that deliver my vision and style of photography.  Krystal Kester Photography has been a dream of mine and I absolutely love every moment of my growing business and the connections I've made. I can't wait to see what the future holds.